Exploring WordPress 6.4 (RC-1)

Upcoming and pending features


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  • Font Library (54169)
  • New blocks: Time to Read (53776), Table of Contents (42229), Scrolling Marquee (41730)
  • Public Interactivity API – merged, but not available for public use (50906)
  • Revisions to Templates and Template Parts (57704)
  • Post Formats for block themes (53049)

Briefly referred to as auto-inserting blocks.

Allows developers to attach blocks and insert them in specified locations:

  • before – inject before the target block.
  • after – inject after the target block.
  • firstChild – inject before the first inner block of the target container block.
  • lastChild – inject after the last inner block of the target container block.

See: Developer Resources > Block API Reference > Registration > Block Hooks

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    blockHooks: {
        'core/verse': 'before'
        'core/spacer': 'after',
        'core/column': 'firstChild',
        'core/group': 'lastChild',

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